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Middle East Rail Show 2018

TerraFirma at the Middle East Rail Show 2018!

Come and visit the key team members on stand C52 at the Middle East Rail Show in Dubai and discuss your project requirements with the experts.

Road Highways Magazine Report

Stabilised sand

TerraFirma SPC Bahrain says that is has developed a chemical sprayed solution to tackle blowing sand, which can affect road surfaces. The firm now supplies a locally manufactured, eco-friendly, water based, UV stabilised polymer. This has been developed using the firm’s in-house technical expertise and the company can also offer a package including qualified proposals and procedures, together with full contractor training. In addition the firm says that its polymer technology can also be used in building roads and car parks. It is said to offer high strength and durability and suits duties when a natural surface is required or preferable. The company claims that its technology is fully approved by the major  authorities in Middle East.

Solutions to Regional sand problems – Abu Dhabi 11th April 2017

In 1937 Saudi Aramco produced a detailed document calling for a solution to the blowing sand inundation problem. Surprisingly it has taken until 2012 for the technology and funding to become available to solve most of the associated problems.

Building stabilised berms to protect roads and railways in the right position, at the right height and shape are the result of a detailed topographical and weather study. Building roads using the existing sand giving a CBR in excess of 300% requires a different but just as detailed study.

Come along to hear Nigel discuss the technologies and studies available and how they work through the application to provide a sustainable, fit for purpose solution.

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Middle East Rail Show 2017

In its 11th year, the Middle East Rail Show offered yet again another unrivalled platform for the region’s leading rail industry experts to come together to learn, network and discover new opportunities.

As the regions biggest Rail show the 2 day exhibition and conference provided an opportunity for many visitors and companies to connect with TerraFirma SPC and learn more about the benefits of TerraFirma Polymer Technology and how using polymer technology can increase safety and reduce unwanted sand movement across the many kilometers of existing and future rail projects.

The exhibition and conference proved to be a great opportunity to interact with global pioneers and innovators, building new and exciting relationships. This event annually attracts an audience of rail developers, network managers and transportation officials alongside regional government representatives.

Gulf Construction Magazine’s Article about TerraFirma

Traditional methods of preventing sand migration on roads and other critical infrastructure in the region could be a thing of the past if a Bahrain-based company’s claims that its polymer products can save GCC countries significant money gain traction…….. read more


Visit us Today at Middle East Rail 2017 at Dubai – Stand E20

Soil Stabilisation Course in KFUPM

KFUPM (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals) organised an intensive course for KFUPM graduates, local company personnel, and other interested parties to provide them with the latest technologies for sand stabilisation and soil strengthening.

KFUPM invited TerraFirma to present it’s technology and provide a forum for technical discussion related to polymer modification of soil.

The audience contributed to the technical discussion and appreciated the technical input into the science of sand stabilisation in the use of TerraFirma technology in their specific applications. Following the success of the course, KFUPM asked TerraFirma to present the technology again under KFUPM sponsorship to a wider audience.

Middle East Rail Show March 7 – 8 Dubai

TerraFirma at the Middle East Rail Show 2017! Come and visit the key team members on stand E20 at the Middle East Rail Show in Dubai and discuss your project requirements with the experts.

Saudi Arabia – Ministry of Transport approve technology

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of transport approve the technology recently approved as industry best practice by leading oil producers in the region as the best way to protect their assets for use on the Kingdoms roads. Speaking with representatives of various contractors in the region trials have shown using high tech satellite technology that even after more than 12 months in service without maintenance roads protected with TerraFirma TF-2000 Technology remain consistently clear. A major step forward in road safety for the Kingdom and another sign of the progress that is being made to develop an environmentally friendly approach to the kingdoms shifting sand problems. Further projects will follow the presentation of the technology to the MOT’s approved contractor base in Riyadh.

TerraFirma presents new approach to soil stabilisation for the region at King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals

The TerraFirma Technical team were involved in presenting latest developments in the region for stabilisation and application to academics and industry experts alike during the recent course run by the KFUPM in Dammam. The University had identified a need to ensure that engineers of all backgrounds were aware of the currently available new technology in the region to protect their assets in the field and enable new areas to be brought into use safe from the problems caused by moving sand and poor quality base materials. Regional weather patterns, cause and effect were all shown to impact on the technology chosen to fit any particular project in the deserts of the region. Feedback on the course was extremely positive and the benefits of such a high profile event will be felt for many years to come in the regions petrochemical and mining industry.