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TF polymer technology for soil stabilisation, dust control, polymer roads, erosion control & environmentally friendly upgrade of sub-base material
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About TerraFirma

OUR History

In 1937 Aramco produced a document that called for a solution to their blowing sand problem, but only when TerraFirma was launched in 2012, was a solution that worked made available.
In the region of finance and technology a plenty, TerraFirma technology was launched in a very different and unique way.
Studying the topography, analyse the soils, chart the weather, design the Barrier (sand berm) to its correct height, shape, and position, design the polymer requirements to fit.These are the key areas that TerraFirma look at to protect against blowing sand. The berm does not move as the surface is fixed with a hard polymer cap. The sand particles travel, hit the berm and drop to the foot of the berm, not on the railway or road being protected. Similar technology applies to embankment erosion control and dust suppression.

Main Problems WE Solve


  • Soil stablisation & sand migration control
  • Erosion control
  • Dust control
  • Road construction
  • Car park construction

What WE Do

TerraFirma® provides “outside of the box“ thinking allowing us to deliver solutions that set us apart from all others in the industry.

TerraFirma are also specialists in polymer road building and car park construction. Using as much of the residual sand and stone materials available on site, the polymer road offers a very cost competitive, effective, and long lasting, alternative to asphalt. This is especially valuable where a natural look is required or in location’s which are difficult to maintain.

TerraFirma technologies are water based, durable, eco-friendly, and easy to apply.

TerraFirma projects are all custom designed using technology manufactured in the region. The range is expanding all the time.

  • Environmentally safe to plant and animal life
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-hazardous
  • Unregulated for transport


The TerraFirma team is made up of industrial chemists, civil engineers, desert trained sales engineers and support staff based in the TerraFirma head office in Bahrain, in Saudi Arabia and in the UAE.

TerraFirma is proud to occupy a unique position in today’s market.
Nigel Parkes, the owner of TerraFirma, is an entrepreneur who has lived in the Middle East for 30 years. He first visited Jeddah in 1973. He focussed primarily in international liquid chemical coordination using tank containers where Nigel Parkes Shipping was the first tank container operator to serve the Middle East in 1982.

TerraFirma fits well into his model of ground breaking, boundary pushing businesses.

WHY TerraFirma?

  • TerraFirma is a unique financially stable company.
  • We are specialists in sand stabilisation, migration and erosion control solutions throughout the Middle East using specially developed polymer and skills.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly.
  • TerraFirma registered trade mark.


TerraFirma Desert Studies:

  • In 2014 set up mobile desert studies unit.
  • Self-contained accommodation / laboratory unit.


  • Allows us to provide on-site technical support during application.
  • Ideally suited for extended studies of site conditions in remote locations.